In an extraordinary auction that captivates the essence of empowerment and transcendent beauty, the painting titled “The Goddess of Fire” emerges as a beacon of inspiration.

This masterpiece, a vivid portrayal of a woman ablaze with the raw energy of life itself, commands attention with a gaze that is both fierce and welcoming.

Her multiple hands, a symbol of boundless generosity, invite onlookers to embrace their most exalted and fulfilling existence. Crafted through a unique fusion of Jeanne Bessette’s artistic brilliance and Reena Parikh’s pioneering Quantum Healös Codes, this painting is more than a visual spectacle—it’s a vessel of transformative energies.

The collaboration between Bessette, a nominee for a Legacy Award and an artist of international acclaim, and Parikh’s consciousness technology, infuses the artwork with a dynamic spectrum of vibrations. These include Empowerment, Strength, Destiny, Abundance, Ascension, and Alignment, all designed to enrich both the life of its future owner and the ambiance of its destined space.

This painting, brought into being with immense love and intent, seeks to find a home with a woman who is both prepared and eager to connect with its profound energies.

Beyond its aesthetic and spiritual value, the sale of “The Goddess of Fire” also serves a noble cause. It aims to support one of the cherished initiatives of Woman on Fire—aiding young women in Haiti.

This auction represents a unique opportunity not only to own a piece of extraordinary art but to actively participate in a cycle of empowerment and generosity that extends far beyond the canvas.


Jeanne Bessette is more than an artist; she is a catalyst for positive change and a visionary on a mission to leave an indelible mark on the world. An alchemist of creativity and expansion, Jeanne dives into the rawness of human experiences, embracing messiness and authenticity, and a grounded sense of humor transmuting emotions into cycles of growth through conscious art. Her mastery of color and her background in shamanism enhance her ability to channel higher realms that invite a co-creation process that results in not only gorgeous images but conscious activated art.

To contact the artist please go to: www.jeannebessette.com

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Warmest Regards,
Reena Parikh, L.H.H.P & RYT
Spiritual Counsellor and Healer
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