Haiti is in CRISIS and Needs our Help NOW


Dear Reader,

Right now, Haiti is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions. The people of this resilient nation have grappled with the devastating earthquakes of 2010, political instability with the murder of the President several years ago and now economic hardship that has once again targeted Haiti – women and children are the ones most affected by the havoc that is being reeked by the violence of the gangs that now control over 80% of Port au Prince the capital of Haiti, with the situation worsening with each passing day, cut off from the outside world, the airports and ports being controlled by the gangs. Haiti is heading for famine for millions of people if help isn’t administered soon. The situation is dire, and the Haitian people urgently need our support.

Imagine waking up each day not knowing where your next meal will come from, or if your family will have food to eat, to be too scared to leave your home knowing that you may not return, yet your children are hungry. This is the harsh reality for many Haitians at this very moment.

But amidst the darkness, there is hope. With your support, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this crisis. Your contribution can provide vitally needed necessities such as food and water. As the only thing that can get to Haiti right now is funds to pay for these vital supplies and basic needs until international aid can reach Haiti.

I beseech you to give what you can afford, let us be united in this effort to bring relief in the form of food and water to those we can reach. This platform was created in 2012 for the express purpose of helping women and children. And now we are being challenged to do our best to help in this crisis that will take months if not years to bring back some semblance of order to Haiti in the meantime let not people go hungry – let us at least help get food to them. Your generosity is sorely needed and appreciated more than you know at this devastating time.

Please make your donation to PayPal address – letsconnectallison@gmail.com

Now is the time to act. Join us in supporting Haiti and be a beacon of hope in their time of need.

Stay tuned as our website will be coming soon to share in this journey.

Allison Harvey, Founder WOMAN ON FIRE NETWORK
Haiti supporter from 2010 – Present